April 2020

Updated 1st April 2020

Jackson Teece, similar to all organisations we are constantly assessing the quickly developing COVID-19 situation. We are continuously adapting our response to protect our staff and their families, our clients, colleagues and friends, while assuring ongoing business continuity and project delivery.

We confirm that we remain fully operational and able to provide ongoing professional services. Our remote, work-from-home environment has been reinforced and existing IT processes and infrastructure have been strengthened and tested for robustness and security to cater for increased demands.

Keeping in touch

  • Our front desk team will be able to direct you quickly to any staff member working remotely.
  • Communication continues as usual via video conferencing; voice calls and emails.
  • All face to face meetings with clients and consultants have ceased and have been replaced by video conferencing (MS teams, Skype, ZOOM, BlueJeans, and the like).

  • Project Delivery

  • All project deliverables will be issued in electronic form (no hardcopies) via e-mail or specific document control platforms (Aconex, TeamBinder, and the like)
  • All project, stakeholder, or council presentations will be conducted by video conference (we are able to assist individual parties to facilitate such meetings where required).

  • Travel

  • All International and Domestic travel has been ceased.
  • We are still able to attend site and undertake inspections where required as long as construction sites remain open and operational and in like with the Australian Government Guidelines.

  • We will continue to update you on our response to COVID-19 on a regular basis and as circumstances change. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the team at Jackson Teece.

    22nd March 2020

    To our valued Clients, Consultants and Suppliers and Friends,

    Jackson Teece, has been assessing the quickly developing COVID-19 situation and we have responded with increased measures to protect our staff and their families, our clients, colleagues and friends.

    It is becoming evident we are embarking on a prolonged period of uncertainty and our operational model is adapting to meet this challenge on a daily basis. We are fortunate that as a design consultancy we have the capacity and the cloud based compatible technology to effectively work remotely as and when required.

    Currently we have a two team staggered work environment in our Sydney and Brisbane studio’s as we aim to minimise any risk of contracting the virus during peak transit times. We are also encouraging alternate and environmentally friendly ways to travel to and from work.

    Our front desk team will be able to direct you quickly to any staff working remotely and emailing will also be an effective form of communication that will be closely monitored by our teams.

    We are already encouraged by the resilience and co-operation of our clients where we will increasingly rely on each other to successfully manage this transition, and assist each other to successfully work through these challenging times. Some of the initiatives we are following are based on the Government Health Department’s advice such as;

  • Video conferencing preferred as the main project communication and voice call / emails will have quick response.
  • Face-to-face meetings with clients and consultants have ceased where possible
  • Where possible we have requested that clients and consultants reconsider their need to visit and utilise our video conferencing systems
  • We have ceased all International and Domestic airline travel until further notice
  • Our team are maintaining high standards of hygiene and cleanliness
  • In the event of a Government lockdown we will continue to be able to work effectively on your projects

  • Over the upcoming weeks our Senior Management Team leaders will be in contact to discuss any changes on a project by project basis although currently we do not anticipate and delay on our deliverables as our dedicated staff are already adapting well to a changing workplace environment.

    We believe that effective communication, tolerance and understanding are key to successfully navigating this period and our people are available and eager to discuss ways of working most effectively on a project by project basis.

    On behalf of the Directors and staff at Jackson Teece, we appreciate your understanding and wish you all good health.

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