As a Director of Jackson Teece, Daniel manages the Brisbane practice and oversees the varied portfolio of work currently being realized by the firm in Queensland. He has previously worked in various design practices in Sydney and London prior to settling in Brisbane to lead Jackson Teece’s Queensland operations in 2008.

Daniel has held vital roles in the delivery of mixed-use, residential, leisure, recreation and commercial projects. This varied and diverse exposure has contributed to a well rounded understanding of architecture and the application of design to achieve successful outcomes for clients across all aspects of the industry. An all-round approach to architecture is reinforced by Daniel’s experience in all phases of projects from conceptual design, design development, tender and construction documentation through to project completion.

Daniel has also played a lead role in various competitive bids, architectural competitions and also in securing major commercial tenants of up to 30,000sqm.

Daniel is a lead member of the management team responsible for the further expansion of the practice in Queensland and generally maintaining high standards for the design, documentation and delivery of projects.

Selected Work