Located on a corner block bound by Scott St and Main St in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, this site has a river side location directly opposite the Brisbane CBD. Previously occupied by a late 1950's motel, purchasers Waterford Properties commissioned Jackson Teece to design a new iconic apartment building to provide single plate luxury accommodation.

The new building, compromising 12 apartments over 15 stories utilises an asymmetric planning device to create a building form with a sinuous lack of 90 degree corners. An iconic public face for the building, in the form of a 400 tonne concrete screen to the Eastern facade, presents a dramatic sculptural landmark to the busy traffic passing across the Story Bridge. This element creates an identity for the project with a pattern derived from the naturally found riverside Mimosa trees.

The Northern & Southern facades have a subtle deflected profile created by two large curves. Formed of cast concrete elements, and perforated with windows to bedrooms & amenities these blades of the building transition the form from the screened eastern facade to the filigreed western balconies. These balconies, seen from the CBD opposite give the building a strong horizontal rigour and provide private external spaces for each residence.

The building sits up off the site on a playful collection of tilted support columns, creating a natural 'undercroft' which acts as the concierge and reception lobby.

Planning for the apartments creates distinct public and private spaces, separated by an arrival lobby. This lobby contains a glass decorative screen which makes subtle reference to the external concrete facade, and provides both privacy and cross ventilation to the apartments.

2011 AIA QLD State Chapter Awards: Job & Froud Award for Residential Architecture: Multiple Housing
2011 AIA QLD Brisbane Region Residential Housing - Multiple Housing Commendation
2011 AIA QLD Brisbane Region - Art & Architecture Commendation

AR Architectural Review Australia