The residential development will be the first in the block between Dunning, Cressy, Mentmore and Queen Street. Jackson Teece designed a building of high architectural standard, in terms of building form, spatial design and amenity for residents. This building creates an attractive precedent for other developments to come and enhances the value of the neighbourhood.

The building addresses Dunning Avenue with a commercial tenancy located on ground floor, activating the Dunning Avenue street frontage. A double height entry space and green wall to its south create a clearly defined residential address and providing a sense of what lies within the development. Sight lines to the carefully crafted green space to the south east of the site invite entry. This communal open space includes an extensive deep soil zone allowing trees to grow to a substantial height, creating a pleasant and calm communal space for residents. A large communal open space on the roof top level is intended for more active use.

When viewed from the street, the building is part three and part six storeys in height, addressing its existing context and the desired future permissible building height. Though the site is substantially west-facing the number of north-facing apartments has been maximised, with setbacks to the northern boundary permitting apartments to face north as well as to the west. The apartments facing Dunning Avenue are set back from the street, with deep balconies out to the street line. Fixed and moveable screens provide privacy for the residents.