In association with ABC Planning, Jackson Teece prepared a submission relating to the development potential of an amalgamated site in Waterloo, in response to the public exhibition of the City of Sydney Council’s Draft LEP 2011. The site presently accommodates warehouse buildings in poor to average condition. Our report provided a comprehensive urban design, architectural and planning assessment of the site’s potential for development in the form of a number of mixed use buildings in light of the draft zoning, height and FSR controls exhibited by the Council.

Our study also presented the urban design case for increasing the Floor Space Ratio (FSR) from the 1.5:1 proposed in the Draft LEP to 3:1, and increasing the building height limit to 28 metres from 15 metres. Site planning and envelope testing demonstrated that buildings with high internal performance under SEPP65 could be achieved, while maintaining amenity to surrounding properties.

The envisioned development also allows for public domain benefits in the form of a substantially upgraded streetscape and establishment of a through-site link. The high quality architectural response and provision of a mix of non-residential and residential uses in this location is designed to bring about benefits to the broader community.