ARV called Jackson Teece to give a new life to the Woodberry Village, a retirement facility that was open in the 1960’s to provide three types of accommodation for the aged, low care, high care and independent living units.

The main building involved in alterations and new addition is a four-storey 200m long hostel, built along the contours of the site. The Village also includes a nursing home located towards south and independent living units scattered throughout. Central point of the brief was to improve the amenity to the residents in the hostel (Residential Care facility) via increasing the size and refurbishment of rooms, improving the indoor and outdoor amenities, accessibility on the site and creating a new entry to the complex. The works also comprise the creation of new administration facilities, central services, clinic rooms and a two-storey car park with a landscape podium above.

The existing building was designed by Geoffrey Twibill who pioneered the concept of communal retirement villages in Sydney. The building itself has a strong language with pitched roofs and interesting masonry facades that give the building a great character. In designing the alterations and additions to this building Jackson Teece did not want to lose the character of the existing building instead it wished to respect its form both internally and externally and create a subtle addition that is distinguishable.