From the client’s perspective, this project is about establishing an iconic facility to match the extraordinary headland site. Birubi Beach is a destination for both local residents, summer holiday makers and international tourists as they travel up the coastline of NSW.

Jackson Teece’s response has been to propose a building which moderates its presence by adopting its shape from the immediate natural surrounds. We wanted a building that was approachable, has material reference points drawn from domestic architecture, and which contains articulation of form to minimise its sheer scale. Our building is, in effect, three prisms - one of timber, one of brick and one of concrete - which overlap each other.

The relationship of the forms creates a dynamic building presence. From the existing car parking on-site, the building has a single aperture for the man entrance, creating a formal and quite subdued presence. On the beach façade, the building opens out with a series of large-scale balconies with bi-fold glazed walls which offer shade, spaces to appreciate the views and intimacy for each of the various users.