Jackson Teece won a design competition to prepare a Master Plan and provide urban and public domain design and architectural services for Anglican Retirement Villages on the Castle Hill Village Centre site. The objective of the project is to regenerate the existing centre of the retirement village located on the site. Our expertise in public domain design, master planning, architecture and heritage was critical in developing a compelling design solution that resolved the complex issues of the site.

The key concept of the Master Plan is to promote the wellness of the residents through the creation of a high quality public domain which knits together the various community and residential uses for the retirement community. The town centre is designed to be ‘a celebration of life’ that agglomerates active uses to create a vibrant centre, and provides a variety of green open spaces for active and passive recreation. The Master Plan also considers the historical development of the site to reinstate the heritage buildings and gardens as active components of the public domain that enrich the experience of the centre.

The Master Plan also provided for 6 new apartment buildings providing 109 new units with a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units, 6 villas and 3 new community buildings comprised of a wellness centre, café and restaurant and a community centre.

Jackson Teece is currently engaged in the concept detail design of the public domain and architectural designs for the DA submission.