Cranbrook Boy’s School has a long tradition of boarding facilities located in the historic Cranbrook House, originally the Governor’s residence. Jackson Teece were commissioned to replan and refurbish the historic spaces to incorporate upgraded boarding facilities, a new world class Year 12 study centre and address the relocation of the Chapel.

The design draws inspiration from the existing period details of Cranbrook House, such as high proportions and intricate detailing; whilst integrating state of the art technology. The interior design set out to deliver a robust, appropriate environment for students to study, learn, interact and thrive whilst respecting the heritage setting.

Scope included new bespoke joinery, new furniture, new lighting, curation of art collection, new window coverings and new painting, including some repair and refurbishment of heritage features found concealed under layers of times past.

Working closely with stakeholders, builder and joinery & furniture suppliers, the whole design process, building and bump-in took 12 weeks.

The results were so successful that boarders to Cranbrook House took ownership of their new accommodation immediately, and the Year 12 Study Centre space has doubled as an event space for fundraising events.