Providing temporary accommodation to displaced citizens following a natural disaster is a complex challenge facing many communities around the world. As severe climatic events occur with greater frequency their impacts require a locally managed response to provide fast and effective emergency shelter.

The basic human needs of shelter from the elements, supply of fresh water, lighting and privacy for sleep form the principles around which we have conceived a space made from ‘refuse’ material for this interesting challenge. Using a combination of easily sourced or reclaimed materials, including rolled galvanized iron (rain water tanks), bamboo and timber packing crates, allows the shelter to be easily constructed in a modular fashion.

A simple coupling of two rolled metal forms [named Tank Shelter] bolted to rudimentary floor frames produces a composition of variously scaled spaces that can be allocated as sleeping and living zones. Infill walls to the rolled form are constructed from bamboo segments, completing the enclosure and offering the potential for privacy, personal storage and lighting. 

The autonomous nature of a single module can be expanded in organic clusters which suit the potential for large numbers of displaced people to co-exist together in a village type arrangement. Individual customisation would provide variations to ‘tank shelter’ allowing the modules adaptation into spaces for social gatherings, food storage or other communal activities that would allow a displaced community time to manage the re-establishment of a more permanent urban development.


Emergency Shelter Brisbane