The Gateway Housing site is one of the three sites identified by Carrington Centennial Care to accommodate the expansion of the existing retirement village at this location. As the master planning and architectural consultants for the expansion, Jackson Teece is presently engaged in developing designs for new independent living housing on this site in order to lodge a Development Application.

The planning for the site accommodates a community of independent living housing units in an organic layout that works with the contours of the sloping site. This allows the majority of existing trees and vegetation to be retained, establishing a relaxing environment for residents and visitors to enjoy and maintaining the existing woodland character. The housing designs relate to the countryside setting of the site and are intended to be informal in character. 

A series of pedestrian routes prioritises pedestrian comfort and safety to create a walkable environment for people of all ages and abilities. Footpaths through the site connect to existing and proposed pedestrian routes to become a key part of the pedestrian route network connecting the Smalls Road site to the existing Carrington Centennial Care development.