This Greenfield site is located 10 minutes from the Dairy Farmers Stadium and 20 minutes to the West of the Townsville Town Centre. The proposed development extends over an area of 5,500 hectares and, at completion, will contain a new residential community of approximately 50,000 people. It comprises a new town centre and four village centres providing employment, retail and shopping, a high school and primary schools, an equestrian centre and other sporting facilities.

The master planning has been influenced by ecologically sustainable design objectives that strive to promote a residential community with behavioural patterns that value the conservation of the environment.

The residential distribution is complemented by an open-space network that interacts with the four main creek lines providing a high-quality public environment with walking tracks, cycle ways and horse riding trails. The design of the green network endeavours to reinforce the natural environment and is part of an environmental awareness programme proposed to be implemented as one of the ecologically sustainable community strategies.