Glenmore Park is a recent urban release area of 796 hectares and is located four kilometres south of the Penrith CBD. At full development the Estate will have approximately 5,300 dwellings and 19,000 residents.

Council has identified a site for community uses and wishes to develop the site as a community hub to provide facilities for the local community and the basis for building a range of activities and opportunities to foster and contribute to neighbourhood identity and encourage community interaction.

The focus of the design is the outdoor meeting area where people are encouraged to sit, chat, socialise and rest. This is serviced by a coffee shop and convenience store and looks out over exciting new playground areas.

Other key elements include a child care facility which caters for up to 50 children, an Adventure Play Ground, a 368 square metre community building and car parking.

This is significantly different from the more traditional stand-alone model of a children’s service or community facility provision. It recognises the significant role the public domain will play in drawing the community together and value-adding to the services and activities to be offered from the site. It is expected that the outcomes for local communities will be substantially better than those achieved by more traditional models of facility provision and service delivery.