This 100-bed Aged Care Facility at the site occupied by Carrington Centennial Care at Camden, on the western fringes of Sydney, was completed in early 2009. The building includes 32 High Care beds and 68 Low Care beds.

The hilltop site enjoys views over the surrounding countryside and is located in an area of well established landscaping. The form of our design curves around the hilltop following the contours of the natural landform to minimise the impact on the existing trees, limit excavation and to take advantage of the changing levels.

The core of the design is two courtyards on differing levels, one serving High Care, the other, Low Care. Each of these is surrounded by glazed circulation spaces allowing natural light and ventilation into the heart of the building, while providing a secure outdoor environment to be enjoyed by the residents.

The Low Care courtyard includes a chapel which is accessed from a curvilinear bridge. The sculptural form of the free-standing chapel also provides welcome shade for residents using the landscaped courtyard below.

The site is adjacent to the original heritage-significant Carrington Centennial Hospital which was built in 1890. Our design for the new building takes account of the important relationship between the old and the new.


Contemporary Living Spaces for the Elderly