The starting point for this project was to dissect and analyse a typical classroom building and to rework the formula to provide a new model which provides a high degree of flexibility and with low running costs.

As the project also had an extremely limited budget, a value analysis was conducted on all design decisions to determine the priority of expenditure.

The result was a low cost, three-storey building that acts as a gateway structure at the entrance of the sub-environmental considerations of the campus. The 26 classrooms, seminar spaces and associated amenities can be changed - with a minimal amount of reconfiguration - to accommodate future new uses – such as open plan offices - and with minimal cost.

The building’s running costs were minimised through the use of ESD principles and practices, particularly in maximising solar penetration and cross ventilation.


2000 RAIA National Sustainable Architecture Commendation for Institute of Languages

2000 RAIA NSW Ecologically Sustainable Design Commendation Institute of Languages