Our brief was to create a new environment for Jackson Teece in Sydney; a 40 year old design firm whose work covers Architecture, Urban Design, Infrastructure, Interiors, Heritage and Building Diagnostics. The design has to represent a vigorous creative brand reflecting its range of skills while also retaining visual approachability to its long term client base. A juggling act of comfort and creativity.

The new office for 40 staff is a 480 sqm rectangular tenancy within an historic wharf at Sydney’s Walsh Bay Precinct. With glazing to three sides and views of the harbour from all locations the design approach was to create order within the office using desks and storage modules running perpendicular to the skin which enables cross views and a sense of openness.

With a tight budget the project reuses from the previous fit-out; chairs, boardroom furniture, equipment and tables which are worked into the new design. Our funds were spent creating a monolithic landscape from a single product; plywood with the minimum cuts and finish was used to create a simple grid or shelf, which was then playfully stacked in various patterns to create all storage modules. The ‘order’ of the storage units defines breakout, reception, workplace and amenity spaces without plasterboard walls or enclosed spaces. The office shell has enormous visual texture so the palette of pale plywood was selected as it has presence while not overwhelming the historic fabric and view.

Large tables create shared work spaces, staff move around depending on the project. Zones are flexible and open, encouraging communication. Reception normally a client space has multiple meeting/work spaces and clients upon entry see the work zone and participate in the office.

Visually black is added to create definition to the plywood, anchor joinery or as a stain in reception. Gold adds beauty and detail. New furniture selected is both avant-garde and familiar, merging historical details with modern forms. It represents the modern design agency but one connected to its history.


2013 IDEA Shortlist Workplace Under 1000sqm Jackson Teece Office

2013 AIDA Workplace Shortlist Jackson Teece Office


Artichoke 44 Jackson Teece Office Fitout