Paling Court is a new Residential Aged Care facility for Carrington Care located in Camden. It sits adjacent to the historic Carrington House.

The design responds to the changing topography by stepping down across the site and locates the accommodation around three distinctive courtyard spaces of varying character.

The central courtyard provides a 'classic' cloister as a framed landscaped setting for the retained heritage significant Grasmere Cottages.

A range of care services is provided, including Low Care, High Care, Memory Care and Transitional Care. The upper-most level provides a premium level of accommodation and access to a roof garden. The total number of beds provided is 132. The design is focused on providing a 'deinstitutionalisation' experience by providing quality environments that enjoy abundant natural light, cross-ventilation and distant views. While a large facility, the focus is on providing a domestic 'homely' character.

In addition to the living spaces provided within the Residential Aged Care Facility there is also a training facility and a small number of apartments for use by visiting staff or University students and/or relatives of residents. A cafe, pharmacy and beauty salon provide broader services to the residents.