Jackson Teece won an interior design competition for Park Court Shibuya The Tower, a 39-storey residential tower in Tokyo. The tower is part of the redevelopment of the Shibuya Council site, and is adjacent to the Olympic Village as Japan hosts the Olympic Games in 2020.

The project is in close proximity to Shibuya station and is linked to Yoyogi Park and other surrounding parklands. Our idea was to create a sanctuary or escape from the energetic centre of Tokyo while responding to the local character; the contrast of large and small; efficient use of space on bustling streets; elements of surprise, such as the micro bars and restaurants that are tucked underneath the train tracks.

The curved forms of the interior reflect the architectural expression of the built form to create a sense of flow of movement within the space, which also enable flexibility within the space. The natural palette is inspired by Japanese snowfields, warm accents of textural materials such as timber, marble, and brushed nickel were applied while subtle coloured elements bring life to the space.

As with Australian apartment design, the apartment is focused on the relationship between the interior and surrounding environment. The space offers comfort and protection from the harsh climate but remains connected with views of the thriving city below and wider Tokyo. While the apartments act as a sanctuary or retreat, they are also a stage for people’s lifestyles, embracing the rich and diverse culture it sits within.