The redevelopment of the Sir David Martin Memorial Nursing Home site is part of an overall site masterplanning process currently being undertaken by Jackson Teece for The Whiddon Group's Glenfield site. The existing Nursing Home has almost reached the end of its serviceable life and The Whiddon Group wish to redevelop this site portion as a first stage to the masterplan in order to achieve long term operational goals.

The project site offers an opportunity to complete the urban framework of the street corner (Canterbury and Belmore Roads). A contemporary residential aged care facility is planned for the site consisting of 160 beds constructed in two stages. This will allow for short-term retention of the existing Nursing Home and the completion of Stage 2 works following its removal.

The building composition responds to the geometry of the street corner as an L-shaped plan form containing two care levels each with 80 residential rooms. The care levels are supported by a building undercroft car parking space facing Canterbury Road. The building will therefore present as three storeys in height from Canterbury Road and two storeys when viewed from Belmont Road. The overall building mass presented to the streets is expected to be curtailed by the existing brick/picket fence line and mature tree plantings already in place along the property frontage. The selected materials and colours for the new building will borrow to an extent from existing Taylor House and nearby structures such as the highly visible brick fence and tree line. However, a contemporary palette of materials will be utilised such as prefinished metal cladding complete with masonry and concrete elements to draw a distinction between existing and new. The external built envelope will therefore draw on the local context which is consistent with the residential street character along Canterbury Road and Belmont Road; while at the same time promote a desired future character for the site.