St. Joseph’s Hospital at Auburn provides palliative care, rehabilitation, aged care and aged care psychiatric services to the local and wider communities of Auburn and Western Sydney. The Hospital is co-located with St. Joseph’s Village, which is a Residential Aged Care-Ageing in Place facility. St. Vincents & Mater Health Sydney (SV&MHS) commissioned Jackson Teece to prepare a Master Plan to guide the future growth of the St. Joseph’s Campus for both the Hospital and the Village. Ian Forbes joined the Jackson Teece team providing specialist health care advice.

Three Master Plan options were developed describing access and circulation, indicative building footprints and massing, relationships between buildings/services, and the location of Stage 1 uses. Each option features a new pedestrian and vehicular network providing improved, comfortable and safe movement through the site, with high level recommendations for the use of open spaces. Locations for new services to be introduced to the site in the short term were identified, while providing for the staged redevelopment of the entire Hospital and the Village sites in the long term to improve facilities and the ability to provide a continued high level of service. The resultant framework will create a campus which functions efficiently and provides pleasant spaces in which to receive and provide health care.

The Master Plans were developed through extensive stakeholder consultation with an executive group from SV & MHS and a wider group of stakeholders representing the services provided on the campus. Detailed information on the requirements of various services was gathered during the consultation process to inform the development of the master plan options.