Jackson Teece undertook the review of the new Schofields, Riverstone and Vineyard stations in light of the detail design work undertaken by Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) and the Richmond Line Alliance for the duplication of the Richmond railway line between Quakers Hill and Vineyard.

This project considered the future design and planning of the three stations and their interface with the adjoining town centres.

This study made recommendations on additional requirements to TIDC’s current station design and the design of the peripheral elements such as the location of station entrances, bike parking, bus stops, commuter parking and kiss-n-ride areas. These improvements were made to ensure that these stations will cater for the demand generated by the long-term development within the North West Growth Centre.

It was considered that regardless of the decision by the NSW State Government in early November 2008 to defer the duplication of the rail line between Schofields and Vineyard, it is important that future design and planning for the station proceeds with the recommendations of the Report, as there is expected to be considerable employment and population growth in the North West Sector.