Tarcutta is located approximately halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Highway. Its halfway location is a key part of the town’s identity, celebrated for example in the name of the ‘Half-way Café’ – the social heart of Tarcutta. Its strategic location has also been an important factor to the local economy as the town has long been a popular stopping and changeover point for truck drivers.

As the Urban Design and Architectural consultant of the Tarcutta Hume Alliance, Jackson Teece proposed a suite of town entry treatment strategies. These strategies were designed to signify the location of Tarcutta to motorists on the Tarcutta Bypass, one of which was the installation of visual markers on the approach to Tarcutta. At 5m high and clad in steel plates with a distinctive rusted finish, the sign is highly visible to approaching motorists. The rusted finish gives the sign a textural quality and provides a good fit with the surrounding landscape. The design of the sign communicates the position of the town relative to Sydney and Melbourne, and piques motorists’ curiosity about Tarcutta.

Two road signs will be erected, one at the southern approach to Tarcutta and one at the northern approach.