The Taronga Zoo Chimpanzee’s Facility was designed by Jackson Teece with support from Studio Hanson/Roberts and built by Lipman builders are world renowned as one of the most successful captive breeding groups of its kind. With pressure in their native habitat including climate change, habitat destruction and poaching, organisations like the Taronga Conservation Society Australia play a critical role in the survival of such species.

The Taronga Zoo Chimpanzee Exhibit has residents some consider the most dangerous of the animals exhibited at the zoo, having the strength of up to 7 times that of a human and capable of incredible agility and athletic feats. The design challenge was primarily to keep these escape artists enclosed while providing an environment that provides enrichment with the variety and challenges of the wild.

The most striking visible feature of the exhibit is the new Separation Enclosure, designed as an aviary structure providing a full three dimensional climbing experience with immersive viewing from the new Interpretive Building. The Separation Enclosure’s parallel function is for animal husbandry to facilitate introduction of new chimpanzees and for the re-introductory management of the maturing sub-adult males. The project also included total refurbishment of the Night House and animal husbandry facilities back of house.

To create the illusion that the visitor has just entered the Chimps domain, sheets of non reflective armoured glass are used joining the Separation Enclosure to safely immerse the visitor with the chimpanzee experience.

The Chimpanzee Exhibit is one of the numerous exhibits designed and completed by Jackson Teece at the Zoo that makes Taronga Zoo one of Sydney’s number one tourist destinations.