Tarcutta is located approximately halfway between Sydney and Melbourne on the Hume Highway. Its halfway location is a key part of the town’s identity, celebrated for example in the name of the ‘Half-way Café’ – the social heart of Tarcutta. The town has also long been a popular stopping and changeover point for truck drivers, again owing to its strategic location.

The importance of the truck industry to Tarcutta is expressed in a variety of ways, such as the National Truck Drivers' Memorial in the local park.

As the Urban Design and Architectural consultant of the Tarcutta Hume Alliance, Jackson Teece proposed a suite of town entry treatment strategies. These strategies were designed to signify the presence of Tarcutta to motorists on the Tarcutta Bypass, one of which was the installation of visual markers along the bypass on approach to Tarcutta. We proposed a public artwork piece to function as the visual markers.

Taking its cue from the context, the artwork expresses Tarcutta’s halfway location sculpturally and is designed to fit within the landscape of the Wagga Wagga region. The artworks are comprised of a pair of tall sculptural elements formed from Corten featuring a pattern derived from an aerial view of Tarcutta. These are clearly read together as a ‘1/2’ sign from the distance. As one drives closer the figure begins to fragment and on passing, becomes a pair of abstract sculptural forms. The static artwork pieces therefore exploit the motion of motorists to create a dynamic visual experience.

The artwork concept was well-received by the client but was ultimately unrealised due to a change in the project scope. The project developed into a bespoke town entry sign instead, to a design developed by Jackson Teece.