As part of the planning of the Camden Valley Golf Resort Turner Road Precinct, we prepared the Master Plan for 27 hectares of land located between Badgally Road and the South Creek Riparian Corridor.

The original Concept Plan considered a mix of uses including bulky goods, light industrial, commercial and home business. It focused on a main street linking Badgally Road to South Creek Riparian Corridor where restaurants, cafes and a child care centre could be located. The planning also provided strategies to address both Badgally Road and the South Creek Riparian Corridor with high-quality architectural buildings.

The planning process led to the rezoning of land from an IN2 Light Industrial Zone to a flexible B5 Business Development Zone. As a result of the adoption of the Growth Centres SEPP (Amendment No 1) in December 2007, the commercial uses were not permitted. Changes are now being prepared to the layout while retaining the urban design principles.

Jackson Teece was part of the Working Group preparing the Part B - Employment Lands DCP and assisted the developers in preparing the package for the Development Applications once the Part B DCP is adopted