Jackson Teece was commissioned by Wyong Shire Council to assist in the revision of the Wyong Development Control Plan 2005 (DCP) for Wyong Town Centre. This entailed tasks associated with developing and refining the development controls for the heritage theme in the Wyong Town Centre, as well as recommending ways of managing and conserving the heritage significance of the place.

An assessment of the heritage qualities of the town centre was undertaken, which included evaluation of the heritage significance of its buildings. Together with an analysis of the natural features of the town centre, its urban structure and review of its historical development, a heritage theme for the Wyong Town Centre was identified. A character statement was developed and refined to guide future development, with the aim of ensuring that development outcomes are appropriate for the heritage theme of the town centre.

The Jackson Teece study established the limits of a proposed Heritage Conservation Area in the town centre. Development controls were prepared for designated heritage items and infill development within the conservation area. These controls were specifically designed to stimulate compatible and attractive design responses within the town centre. Examples of appropriate design solutions for key heritage items and typical sites and building types were prepared to effectively illustrate the intent of the DCP controls to applicants.

The heritage study also included the preparation of proposals for referencing the Aboriginal heritage in the built environment of the Wyong Town Centre, and the nomination of a heritage walking trail for development in the built environment of the Wyong Town Centre.